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Weick's Taxidermy Unlimited

Owned & Operated by Terry Weick


Weick's Taxidermy Unlimited is located in Hopkins, MI. Terry Weick founded Weick's Taxidermy Unlimited over 30 years ago and is a world renowned taxidermy artist that has proved his excellence time and time again. If you are looking for the best of the best, Weick's Taxidermy Unlimited is where you want bring your trophies and memories to. Terry founded Weick's Taxidermy Unlimited on many sound principles and quality is at the top of the list.

Terry Weick and his family have a long distinguished history of running successful businesses in the West Michigan area since the early 1900's. A huge factor in their successful businesses is the fact that they all share the desire to provide quality products with a great experience. Terry Weick, Owner and Operator of Weick's Taxidermy Unlimited, has taken those characteristics and built Weick's Taxidermy Unlimited into what it is today...a world class premier taxidermy business. Terry takes in clients from all across the world and delivers the best results. As a Best in World award recipient, your animals are in the best hands possible.

Those experiences and the happy faces on customers is what drives Terry Weick along with knowing that quality products are be delivered to the ones who will be cherishing those memories for a lifetime. Terry knows that his customers worked hard and enjoyed living those memories and Terry wants them to be able to remember those memories every day.

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