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I met Terry Weick in December 2012, when I delivered my (2) trophy Alligator Gar skins that had been ignored and neglected by another taxidermist for (17) months. Just a sickening experience involving fish skins that were worth thousands of dollars.

Terry reviewed the skins with me with enthusiasm. Just his professional attitude was refreshing after what we had previously experienced with my former taxidermist.

As promised by Terry Weick, the fish were in the works right on time one year later. Received a call from Terry advising me of progress and requested permission to enter my fish in the upcoming Michigan taxidermy competition in March which of course I agreed to.

After sweeping all available awards in the Michigan master of masters division competition Terry then entered them in the same division in Ohio's taxidermy competition and won top award there also.

Terry has also pedestal mounted my Master Angler Award Steelhead. Soon he will be working on a display of (6) pedestal mount Stripers that I have the upmost confidence will be the work of art that Terry is known to create.


- William Gentner

In my opinion, the taxidermy of Terry Weick is at the highest possible level---that of an art form.  I have traveled across the world and the US in search of true trophy class game animals and I have always gone far out of my way to ensure that Terry does all of my work.  He struggles with all of my trophies that have been entrusted to him and he does everything within his power to ensure that each one is of the highest possible quality.  I have taken him on at least one of my hunts to ensure the highest possible trophy care.  His level of excellence covers virtually all types of taxidermy----from fish to big game.  In my opinion, his work is the epitome of taxidermy.  I can say no more.

- James Shupe

When it comes to all around raw talent there is none other then terry Weick! I have the privilege to have known Terry both in a personal and professional capacity and there is only one way to describe his work ethic and that is INCREADABLE!


A commitment to excellence wrapped in a pursuit for perfection Terry is one of the Top Taxidermist in the industry of Taxidermy today and all time!


- Rick Krane

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