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Weick's Taxidermy - Hopkins, Michigan

Located in West Michigan, Weick's Taxidermy Unlimited is a premier wildlife art and Taxidermy studio. We specialize in recreating all phases of taxidermy for the United States, Canada, Africa, and beyond. Those once in a lifetime experiences should last forever, and that is why the serious sportsman should trust their memories to Weick's Taxidermy.


During the 2011 World Taxidermy convention, Terry Weick was awarded the "Best in World" medal, in addition to many other various awards. Amongst these, his day to day work and versatile talent is also highlighted by winning several State, National, North American and World championships. At Weick's Taxidermy Unlimited we provide quality taxidermy services to customers all over the world. Whether you have a whitetail deer, African Safari, Salt Water Fish, or any other Midwest, Western, or African animal waiting to be recreated in a lifelike pose; You can trust that Weick's Taxidermy Unlimited is your best option to preserve that memory forever.


Terry Weick of Weick's Taxidermy Unlimited is a world renowned Taxidermist, Instructor, Sculptor, and Judge. From an early age Terry has had a strong passion for the great outdoors and a lifelong love of art, especially wildlife art. Look no further, Terry’s long list of Credentials is a testament of the professional talent that is ready to bring those dreams to a reality.


Does everything to the detail....artist extroudinair. Check out his gallery. - Dawn Punches

Terry is probably one of the best all around taxidermist of our time if not thee best in my opinion. Every piece he puts out is breathtaking and incredibly detailed work. - Randy Budzynski

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